Hypertension – Everything You Need To Know

What is Hypertension?
Hypertension or more commonly known as High Blood Pressure occurs in 1 in 3 adults worldwide. Nearly 65% of people over 50 in suffer from it in Ireland & frighteningly nearly half of this number are unaware of their condition due to that fact that hypertension usually has no symptoms.

Hypertension Worldwide

How does it occur?

Hypertension can occur on its own, particularly if there is a family history, however it can also caused by lifestyle factors such as

  • A diet too high in sodium
  • Over-consumption of alcohol & smoking
  • Being overweight & lack of exercise • Stress

    Other factors including Diabetes Type 1 & 2, high cholesterol levels & the person being aged over 65 can lead to increased Hypertension.

    What can happen?

    If it isn’t diagnosed or treated properly, Hypertension will over time lead to a reduction of blood supply to important organs in the body, known as “target organs”. This can result in a heart attack, and eventually heart failure.
    Hypertension can also lead to stroke, cognitive impairment, dementia, kidney failure, and even premature death.


    Blood Pressure

    Hypertension – The Silent Killer

    A person with hypertension may look well, feel well, and normally won’t have any symptoms, so it often goes unnoticed. The only way to know if you have hypertension is to measure your blood pressure level.
    There are two numbers that measure the level of blood pressure, one measures the blood pressure when it is at its highest as its squeezed out of the heart ie the Systolic Pressure and the other is the blood pressure at its lowest when it is flowing back to the heart ie the Diastolic Pressure.

    The normal level of blood pressure should be 120 mmhg Systolic over 80 mmhg Diastolic, if your systolic blood pressure is 140 mmHg or higher, or if your diastolic blood pressure is 90 mmHg or higher you technically have Hypertension and it is recommended that you seek treatment from your doctor.





    What is the solution?

    Treatment of hypertension normally includes pursuing a healthier lifestyle and monitoring blood pressure closely, sometimes in conjunction with taking medications prescribed by a doctor.
    Use of a home blood pressure monitor is recommended so that blood pressure can be measured during the day at various times.


    MD1809Medicare Lifesense BPM range

    Medicare’s range of blood pressure monitors (BPMs) enables you to read your blood pressure anytime & anywhere. The BPMs in this range have the facility to upload data to the Medicare Lifesense App which saves all blood pressure readings & creates an easy to read chart to help visualize long-term progress.
    The range is available in all leading pharmacies nationwide and as part of our Happy Heart monthly promotion, we are offering special deals on our Medicare A2 & A4 BMP models.


Top Ten Tips For Quitting Smoking For Good

Now is the perfect time to start making healthier choices that will improve your quality of life and your overall health by quitting smoking!Q To help get you on the right track, we’ve put together a Top 10 list of ways to help you quit smoking for good!

10. Ask Yourself Why You Want To Quit


Firstly, identity why you want to quit, is it for your health, your looks or to save money? Or maybe it is all of the above? A great way to help you quit is to identify your goals and write them down. Anytime you feel a craving remind yourself why you want to quit!

9. Be Prepared


Focus on quitting, whether you smoke daily or not, it is difficult to break a habit. Possibly write down the dat you want to quite and work towards it.

8. Ask For Help


Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Whether you talk to a friend or family member who has quit before or you call the HSE Quitline on 1800 201 203. Your local pharmacist or GP will also be able to help and advise you on techniques to help you quit.

7. Don’t Let Quitting Get You Down


When going through the early days of quitting, your body will naturally crave nicotine and you may feel irritated, its important that you combat this with staying active, doing activities that will lighten your mood and by also eating healthy! It is also advised that you get  full 8 hours sleep each night!

6. Do Something Positive

Think Positive written on the paper on a wood background

In the early stages of quitting you may find it difficult to manage your cravings, Adult Colouring books have become very popular for reducing anxiety and it is a great way to keep your hands busy!

Why not take up a new hobby? Exercise is a great way to boost your mood!

5. Fight Your Cravings


When combating cravings many people go by the 4 Ds method, firstly, when a craving hits, Delay – wait at least 3 minutes for the urge to pass then Drink a glass of water or orange juice, slowly.

Next, Distract yourself – go for a brisk walk o phone a friend.

Finally take a Deep Breath and reset yourself.

According to the Irish Cancer Society, withdrawal symptoms are a positive sign – they mean your body is in recovery from the effects of tobacco. If you look at it like that, as a process, it might mean you’re less likely to want to go back to square one. Cravings will pass in time.

4. Count Your Savings


Sometimes, people see the value of quitting when they physically see that they are saving money. Smoking is a costly habit, both in terms of your health and your bank balance! Maybe start a savings account with the money you will save, depending on how much you save you could reward yourself to a nice holiday!

3. Visualise Your Success


Try to imagine your life without smoking, visualise yourself in settings where you may usually want to smoke not smoking. When you feel a craving coming on or your will power dwindling, focus on these thoughts and they can help you through the craving.

2. Learn To Manage Your Emotions Without Smoking


Many people use smoking as a way to relieve stress, during your quitting process try to find out what triggers stress in your life and try to learn how to manage it without smoking.

1. Give Yourself Time


As with all lifestyle changes, take it one day at a time, there will be moments when you are tested, but always try to remember why you’re doing this and your overall goals! Remember you’re only human and just keep doing you’re best!

Get The Perfect Date Night Look With Lancôme

The international day of love is quickly approaching and no matter how you will be celebrating, either with dinner out, a night away or something else, we wanted to help you put together the perfect look .

We paid a visit to our cosmetic consultant, Donna in our Supervalu store and she put together this fabulous look using products from our Lancôme counter!

To recreate this look, or to find out more about about any of the products used, call to any of our Lancôme counters!

Our Mobiles May Be Effecting Our Skin…

It’s widely known that there is a light, devices like our mobile phones emit. This light is known as a High Energy Visible Light, that makes our brains more alert. This is due to the blue tone in the light, which mimics the same type of light found in natural day light.

There is an option to use the duller, are yellow toned light that can be switched on in the evening to reflect the darker light of night time.


This is usually used to minimise the strain on your eyes while trying to see the screen at different times, but did you know this blue light can have a damaging affect on your skin?

Blue Light falls in the middle of the light spectrum, it is between UV Rays (from the sun) and Infrared Rays (from heat).


Prolonged use of devices is not only damaging for your eyes, but also your skin. Blue Light can cause premature ageing to skin. Blue Light penetrates the second layer of skin, the dermis, this layer contains, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

We know its not hugely practical not to pick up your phone all day, so the best solution is to wear some sort of SPF on your skin. These days many moisturisers and makeup have a SPF already included in them.


How To Wind Down On A Friday Evening And Enjoy Your Weekend

it’s our favourite day of the week… Friday! (Happy Friday). While many of us look forward to plans to relax or catch up with family and friends, many of us struggle to wind down once we leave the office.


Is that a little too familiar? here are some of our favourite ways to relax and unwind after a busy week and to get yourself in the weekend more!

5.Leave Work At Work

In the age of technology, it’s sometimes too easy to bring your emails and work stresses home with you for the weekend. This ultimately stops you from enjoying your time off and unwinding. Try to leave your worries at work and to take a break to refresh your body and mind.

4.A Relaxing Bath

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 09.50.22.png

Is there any better way to unwind after a hectic week than with a soothing bath? It’s a great way to get some alone time and to clear your head of the weekly stresses. We recommend adding some of the This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak to help you fully unwind and to prepare you for a well earned night’s sleep.

3.Turn Off Your Devices

Try to be present in the moment, turn off your phone and tablet, maybe even the TV if you can and try to be present and enjoy the moment. Your social media pages will be there in the morning!

2.Visualise Yourself Relaxing

Try to take sometime, to lie down, focus on your breathing and mentally scan yourself form top to toe. Visualise each part of your body, stopping anywhere you may be holding onto stress or tension and breath deeply into that area. When that part relaxes, move on to another area.

1.Change Into Comfy Clothes

A great way to relax on a Friday night, is to get out of you work clothes and relax in some comfortable clothing.  Sit comfortably in your fluffiest pyjamas and relax knowing your weekend has begun.



The New Bioderma Product That Skincare Lovers Will Adore!

The latest addition to the Hydrabio family is the Hydrabio Lait cleanser from Bioderma. Although its gentle on your skin, it also tackles difficult to move makeup.

The Hydrabio Lait cleanser is the latest in the fan favourite Hydrabio range. The Hydrabio  Lait formula is designed to tackle tough makeup, while also being gentle on skin it also rehydrates and soothe dehydrated, sensitive skin. Notice the difference straight away with skin feeling rehydrated and soothed (a great feeling for winter).

The milky texture is cooling and refreshing with no need to heavily rub to remove your makeup, not only that, but it doesn’t sting your eyes and leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and glowing!


The Baby Shampoo Adults With Eczema Swear By!

Parents across Ireland are singing the praises of a baby shampoo, that they say, has helped them with their own sensitive skin.

The shampoo in question is from the all natural Weleda Calendula range, as you can imagine, it is designed for the most sensitive skin.

Now the whole family, including the parents, can enjoy the baby shampoo as it causes no skin irritation or discomfort.


Of the 100% natural ingredients, 53% are organic and actually good for skin. Sweet Almond Oil, Sesame Oil and Calendula Extract are some of the main ingredients in this shampoo and are shown to soothe delicate skin.

Internationally, the Weleda baby shampoo sells every 2 minutes, which isn’t hard to see why when you experience the amazing benefit of the range! There is an entire Weleda range that can be used for the entire family!


To learn more about this range call in to Mulligans Pharmacy and our expert team would be thrilled to help!