Summer Festival Essentials


During the summer months here, we are lucky to have so many fantastic festivals across Ireland. These festival weekends usually see music lovers flock to a campsite and enjoy a weekend of music, art, entertainment and laughter.

But… there’s nothing worse than arriving to a festival and realising you’ve forgotten something or maybe even multiple things which can really put a dampener on your weekend.

So to help from that happening to yo, we’ve put together this helpful list of things you absolutely need when going to a summer festival!

This way to you relax and enjoy yourself and be completely stress-free!

Items You Definitely Cannot Forget

Festivals can only go to plan if you remember to take your tickets, so you should definitely have them at the top of your list, also make sure you have your wallet or purse and your ID to avoid any unnecessary worry.

Items You’ll Also Need

Try to be as prepared as possible for every and any eventuality when at a festival, with festival style becoming more and more popular each year, be sure to pack your favourite cosmetics, tan, etc.

To help you get the most out of festival season, we’ve put together this helpful list of ‘must haves’ that you can’t leave behind!

1.bPerfect Cosmetics Carnival Palette

The latest palette from bPerfect is the Stacey Marie carnival palette. This palette is an explosion of highly pigmented colours and shimmers that will unlock your inner creativity.

This palette contains 17 vibrant matte eye-shadows, 7 high pigment shimmers, 2 highlighters and a mirror.

This is available in store for €45.

2.Cetrine Allergy

cetrine (3)

Cetrine Allergy is a non-drowsy antihistamine used for the relief of Hay Fever symptoms and allergies, such as dust or pet allergies.

If you suffer from Hay Fever, a weekend festival in a field is probably going to cause a flare up of symptoms. Be sure to take one of these daily to keep your symptoms at bay.


Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 14.42.45

Going to a festival often mean long days and nights, which can often leave you feeling run down, tired and a little unwell.

Oxylent is a multi-vitamin supplement that can rehydrate you and boost your energy and immune system. Pack a few of these with you and have one each day of your festival for a natural energy boost to see you through the day!

4.Sun Protection

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 12.39.37

With almost all of this years summer festivals taking place outside, make sure you pack enough sun protection to get you through the weekend!

Just remember, many festivals have limits to the amount of liquids you can bring in, so when shopping for sun cream pick up one that is below the allowed size. If you need more bring multiple small bottles rather than one large one.

5.The Luna By Lisa Magic Makeup Bag

Pack all your festival essentials into one easy to carry bag! From sun protection to tan, your favourite makeup palette to hair accessories everything can be stores in this stylish must have makeup bag!

For more festival essentials check out the image below or call in store where our expert team can help you find everything you need!



3 Reasons Why NUXE Lip Balm Is A Favourite Among Top Make-up Artists

NUXE lip balm is often found backstage at fashion week and on set for high-end photo shoots. But what makes this lip balm so special? Keep scrolling down to find out!

We all know NUXE has a fabulous range, but one of their top hero products is definitely their Rêve de Miel lip balm, which you will often find in make-up artists’  kits.

Its a bit of an industry secret, but we think it’s time everyone hears about this!

Here’s some of the top uses that you can use for this range!

As A Traditional Lip Balm

The main thing that makes the Rêve de Miel so special is its texture. When used in its traditional capactiy, it will hydrate and smooth your lips leaving them feeling and looking plumped.

It also smells and tastes great, which is a nice touch.

As A Lip Primer

Texture has already been mentioned but NUXE lip balm has a matte finish which makes it particularly good to use as a lip primer before applying lipstick, especially wen you use a matte lipstick.

If you use your ring finger to pat on a light layer of the balm to prep your lips, you’ll then find that the finish and wear time is vastly improved… so is the comfort!

As A Brow Tamer

Some MUAs like to use a brow gel or even hair spray to keep hairs in check. But if you want a soft finish, the NUXE lip balm is perfect. Simply use a small amount using a cotton bud and brush through brows. The matte effect of the balm looks natural, and also helps to hold powder in place to make brows look fuller if tapped on top too.

So there’s three reasons why MUAs LOVE the NUXE lip balm. but if you want to find out how this lip balm can cover blemishes click here!

Remescar Under Eye Bags And Dark Circles: How It Works!

We all know the feeling of tiredness or stress. However did you know that these feelings can often cause the skin under your eyes to become swollen and dark. This is usually a symptom of your physical or mental fatigue. These under eye bags, dark circles a fine lines can greatly impact your confidence.

Remescar Eye Bags & Dark Circles is an instant and effective cream which helps to diminish eye bags and the appearance of dark circles after one application per day.


How Does It Work?

Remescar Eye Bags and Dark Circles drains, tightens and freezes the affected area under the eye.

The revolutionary technology EYESYL immediately targets eye bags and dark circles, by using a unique combination of clay minerals and bi-peptide complex which will lead to strong skin tightening, a decrease of fluid accumulation under the eyes and a micromuscular pause. These actions will help to reduce the puffiness of the eyes and eliminate the appearance of dark circles.

To learn more about our Remescar range, call in store and chat to any of our expert team members!

Make Your Beach Day Memorable For All The Right Reasons With These Must Have Beach Essentials!

Heading to the beach on your holidays or simply visiting your local beach with your family and friends? Don’t let the preparation for a day out take the good out of it.

We’re here to help you pack everything you may need for nice relaxing day at the beach!

Our list below contains some of the essentials you should bring with you to have a safe and fun day out!

5.Sun Protection

When heading to the beach, whether at home or away, be sure to pack a high SPF for you and your family. Generally a factor 50+ is a necessity to ensure you avoid sunburn and damage to your skin. Excessive skin damage and sun burn can cause a variety of skin issues, including skin cancer.

We highly recommend calling in store and chatting to any of our skincare experts to find the perfect sunscreen for you.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 15.43.12.png

4.La Roche Posay’s Thermale Spring Water

A day at the beach and the heat form the sun can often leave you feeling tired. Refresh yourself and soothe sensitive skin with la Roche Posay’s Thermale Spring Water. It is rich in Selenium, a powerful antioxidant and is applied as a gentle mist with will reawaken and refresh your skin.


3.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of nature’s best sunburn remedies. Sometimes, no matter how safe you are you may experience some sunburn. Natural Aloe Vera is a great remedy to soothe and nourish irritated skin. This works on all skin types and can be used is your skin is sunburnt or even slightly irritated by heat.


2.Luna By Lisa Magic Makeup Bag

Often when we’re packing for a holiday or for a day at the beach, it is hard to pack everything and keep them organised and accessible. The Luna by Lisa Jordan Magic Makeup Bag is the ideal way to pack all your summer essentials into one back and have them to hand when needed.

If in doubt, check out how this bag works below!

1.Insect Repellent

Is there anything more annoying that enjoying you day at the beach then having to swat away insects from yourself or your kids and then having to deal with the inevitable bites from them? These itchy bites can be painful and often very irritating for the person with them.


Why Vitamin C Is Most Important During Summer

In summer, when the sun is shining, it is essential that you prioritise Vitamin C in our skincare. It will help even skin tone and get rid of those sunspots.

Most of our Vitamin C comes from our food intake and you can also take a Vitamin C supplement.

It is also important to apply it topically to your skin as well, especially during the summer months.

During this heatwave, your skin is being affected by the harmful rays of the sun. If you are prone to pigmentation you will probably notice it can worsen in summer. Vitamin C can help control and manage the formation of pigmentation.

Vitamin C can also provide natural sun protection. Now, this does not mean that you do not need a SPF. It just means that it will boost your skin’s natural tolerance to the sun. Right now we need ALL the protection we can get so every little helps.

Our recommendation? Clinique’s Fresh Pressed 7-Day System with Pure Vitamin C range!

Recapture younger looking skin with the de-aging power of fresh, potent Vitamin C. Refresh and renew with this 7-day de-aging system.

Fresh means powerful. Pure Vitamin C naturally degrades when exposed to oxygen, so it’s most powerful when fresh. Stay-fresh packaging isolates the pure Vitamin C until activation, maintaining its freshness and full power for maximum results.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 15.15.13.png

The Easy Way To Conceal Blemishes That Anyone Can Do!

Makeup tips, can sometimes be, well… tricky. But this one is definitely an easy trick to do, especially if you’ve had a breakout.

However, we have some good news! There’s a way to conceal blemishes that you can do at home! It’s a simple two-step process.

Step one, make sure your skin is clean and prepared for makeup. Apply your foundation as normal, avoiding your blemished area. Use a cotton bud to gentle dab a nourishing lip balm onto the tip of the blemish (we recommend you try the nourishing NUXE lip balm).


Leave the balm alone to hydrate the blemish and continue with the rest of your makeup as usual. In this time the balm will start to soften, acting as a barrier to the blemish and stop it from potentially soaking up makeup.

When the balm is fully soaked in, apply a small amount of foundation over the area to reduce redness. Then with a small brush, apply a dot of concealer to cover the tip.

Make Sure You Bring Everything Your Need For Your Summer Holidays!

Stress. Worry. Excitement. Maybe stress again, getting ready for your summer holidays can be a busy time for you! We want to help you reduce stress and start enjoying your upcoming holidays.

Take a deep breath before you frantically start packing, we’ve made a list of the absolute essentials that you should bring with you when jetting off on holidays!

5.Sun Protection

Many people aren’t aware that they should be wearing sun protection daily (even when it is not sunny), but protecting your skin from the potentially harmful rays of the sun when you on holidays, especially in a country where temperatures are higher than you are used to is essential!

The UVA and UVB rays from the sun can cause skin damage which can lead to serious skin health issues, including skin cancer.

We recommend using a strong SPF to protect your skin. Be sure to apply this SPF at least 30 minutes before you go outside and to regularly reapply.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 12.39.37

4.Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is a fantastic natural remedy to help you reduce inflammation, pain and irritation when sunburnt. An essential for all your summer adventures, why not keep it in your fridge so it is cold on application… it will provide an extra cooling factor for your skin!



cetrine (2)

Don’t let allergies spoil your fun on holidays. If you suffer from Hay Fever, be sure to pack antihistamines to avoid any allergy flare ups that could happen on your holiday adventures.


The summer heat can dehydrate you, causing you to feel tired and irritable, be sure to take Oxylent daily to boost your hydration and energy levels to make sure you keep enjoying your holidays!

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 14.42.45.png

1.Pre-Travel Probiotics

Many illnesses you catch while travelling such as upset stomachs, etc, can be avoided with a Pre-Travel Probiotic. It is recommended that you take these probiotics 3 days from travelling to ensure positive results.